DEUS – Comoving Space Data

The datasets from the N-body simulations of different cosmological models, volumes and particle mass resolution can be accesses through the grid below. The simulated scenarios consist of a ΛCDM model, two quintessence dark energy models characterised by a Ratra-Peebles (RPCDM) and SUGRA (SUCDM) scalar potentials, and a wCDM model with a constant equation of state w = – 1.2. The cosmological parameters of these scenarios have been calibrated to the the WMAP-5yr and WMAP-7yr data respectively. The data files containing the cosmological parameter values and the cosmological functions characterising the expansion dynamics and the linear matter power spectrum are accessible through the corresponding links in the grid.

Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series

648 Mpc h-1mp=2.3·109 MSun h-1
mp=2·109 MSun h-1
mp=2.4·109 MSun h-1
21000 Mpc h-1mp=1.2·1012 MSun h-1
mp=1.1·1012 MSun h-1
mp=1.3·1012 MSun h-1

Check the data documentation link for the details on how to read the various data files:

Data Documentation


In order to acknowledge our efforts we would appreciate the inclusion of the following references to any publication that has made use of these data.

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For the use of the DEUS-FUR dataset please refer to:

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