DEUS-PUR Cosmo Spectra

Matter power spectra from 512 N-body simulations with 328.125 Mpc h-1 box-length and 5123 particles corresponding to a mass resolution mp=1.88·1010 Msun h-1 for each of the ten different flat cosmological models listed below: 

Model Ωm σ8 h w
1- SCDM 1.0000 0.801 0.72 -1.0
2- fiducial ΛCDM 0.2573 0.801 0.72 -1.0
3- wCDM w  0.2573 0.801 0.72 -1.2
4- wCDM w+ 0.2573 0.801 0.72 -0.8
5- ΛCDM σ8 0.2573 0.700 0.72 -1.0
6- ΛCDM σ8+ 0.2573 0.900 0.72 -1.0
7- ΛCDM Ωm+ 0.3100 0.801 0.72 -1.0
8- ΛCDM Ωm- 0.2046 0.801 0.72 -1.0
9- ΛCDM h 0.2573 0.801 0.67 -1.0
10- ΛCDM h+ 0.2573 0.801 0.77 -1.0

The other cosmological parameters have been set to values consistent with the WMAP-7 cosmological analysis (Komatsu et al. 2011), namely the cosmic baryon density Ωbh2 = 0.02258 and the scalar spectral index ns = 0.963, while the radiation density (with massless neutrinos) has been set to the default value of the CAMB code (Lewis et al. 2000).

The spectra have been computed using the code POWERGRID (Prunet et al. 2008) for 20 redshift snapshots for each model realisation. A table with the mapping between the number of the snapshots and the value of the scale factors is in the following file: snapshot_to_scalefactor.dat

The scale factor of the initial condition snapshot is cosmological model dependent and its value can be found for each of the simulated models in the following file: initial_snapshot_scalefactor.dat

For each model the tarball contains 20 data files for each of the 512 realisations stored in 512 folders with the format:


where XX is the number of the model (01-10), YYY is the number of the realization (001-512) and ZZ is the number of the redshift snapshot (01:20).

The Nyquist frequency of the simulations coarse grid is kNy=4.9021 h/Mpc, hence to avoid aliasing the spectra should not be used for analyses at k>kNy.

Data files are three columns ascii format: k, P(k), 4 π k3 P(k)

If you use these data please refer to:

L. Blot, P.S. Corasaniti, Y. Rasera, S. Agarwal, “Cosmological Model Parameter Dependence of the Matter Power Spectrum Covariance from the DEUS-PUR Cosmo Simulations“, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 500, 2532 (2021), arXiv:2007.14984