Job Opportunities


Prospective interns should contact COS group members to discuss research project availability. Possibly as early as December/January for M1 and M2 internships. It is possible to check on the SF2A website of M2 internships (then search for LUTH and Amandine, Pier-Stefano or Yann).

PhD Positions:

Doctoral positions under the supervision of permanent COS group members depends on acquisition and availability of external grants. Scholarships from the French Ministry of Educations are awarded upon competition every year (around May/June) through doctoral schools, please check the website of the Ecole Doctorale 127 and take contact with the prospective advisor as early as possible (especially for M2 students).

Postdoctoral Positions:

Call for Observatory of Paris postdoctoral fellowships please check annoucement. Deadline for applications is  usually early October. Interested applicants should get in contact with COS group at least 10 days prior to deadline to arrange for a support letter (email to: Pier-Stefano.Corasaniti _at_

Permanent Positions:

-CNRS positions: applicants to the yearly competition (CNRS concours) in Section 02 and Section 17 who intend to join the COS group at LUTH should contact COS group (email to: Pier-Stefano.Corasaniti _at_ The call opens around the month of December.

-CNAP positions: it is possible to join the COS group at LUTH through CNAP application (CNAP). The CNAP position is for research (1/2), teaching (1/6) and a duty (1/3). The duty (“Tache de service”) could be either Euclid related but it could also be related to the development of the RAMSES code (New: the SNO RAMSES started in summer 2023). It is very important to contact us in advance to prepare the application. The call opens around the month of December.

-Maître de conférences positions (i.e. assistant professor): COS is affiliated to Observatoire de Paris, Université Paris Science Lettre and Université Paris Cité. Applicants should own a qualification from the Ministry of Education, please check the website of the qualification campaign (GALAXIE) starting early in September and closing around mid October. At moment there are no MdC opening at the affiliated university in cosmology and astrophysics but stay tuned.