Halos (transfer on going)

FoF b = 0.2
FLRW narrow 2500 deg2 LCDMhfprop
FLRW narrow 2500 deg2 wCDMhfprop
FLRW fullsky 41253 deg2 LCDMhfprop
FLRW fullsky 41253 deg2 wCDMhfprop
hfprop files contain main halo quantities such as the halo ID, position, velocity and mass. The format is HDF5 (self-documented, using pFoF).

If you are interested in the halo particle data files please contact us.


CAUTION, THE FILES BELOW ARE VERY LARGE (1-100TB), please contact us at michel-andres.breton at obspm.fr and yann.rasera at obspm.fr to find the best way to access these data.

FLRW fullsky 41253 deg2 LCDM lightcone particles

FLRW fullsky 41253 deg2 wCDM lightcone particles

FLRW narrow 2500 deg2 LCDM lightcone gravity cells

FLRW narrow 2500 deg2 wCDM lightcone gravity cells

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