Cosmological Parameters: params_lcdmw7.txt

MPGRAFIC Input File: mpgrafic_input_lcdmw7.dat

Matter Power Spectrum: pk_lcdmw7.dat

RAMSES Input File: ramses_input_lcdmw7.dat

File Description:


h : reduced Hubble constant, H0 / (100 km/s/Mpc)
Ωm: matter density
Ωb: baryon density (used to compute initial power spectrum)
Ωr: radiation density

ns: spectral index
σ8: linear rms of density fluctuations at z=0 smoothed in sphere of 8 Mpc/h radius

w: constant equation of state (for wcdm models)
α: slope of the scalar potential (for quintessence models)


a, dlna/dτs/(H0/100), D+, dlnD+/dlna

where a is the scale factor in the range 0.0001 < a < 1, τs is the superconformal time (= integral of dt/a2), D+ is the linear growth factor (normalized to 1 at z=0)


k, P(k)

where k is the wavenumber in units Mpc-1 h and P(k) the linear matter power spectrum at z = 0 in units (Mpc/h)3


a, H/H0, τs*H0, tlookback*H0, tproper*H0

where a is the scale factor, H is the Hubble rate defined as H = 1/a * da/dτs with τs being the superconformal time (= integral of dt/a2), tlookback is the look-back time and tproper is the proper time (= integral of dt/a)